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Rope Bowl
(Item No. 2147)

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Our unique Rope Bowl is functional and a great conversation piece with a nautical history. Fill it with candy, nuts, succulents or even shells.

The Rope Bowl was fashioned after a Monkey Fist nautical knot. The Monkey Fist knot originally began as a frequently used sailor term. Also called a Sailor’s Knot, it was used to pass lines from a ship to shore or from one ship to another ship. The monkey’s fist was used at the end of a line to add weight. Generally, a bolt, rock or other heavy object would be placed inside the knot to add weight before tightening the knot. After completing the monkey’s fist, it was attached to the end of a light weight line or rope and thrown to its destination. 

Painting Sample: 1 coat Happy Trails. Wipe it back leaving paint in the cervices. Next, 1-2 coats Butterscotch - letting Happy Trails show through. Clear glaze and fire to cone 06.



Item No.: 2147 Theme: All Occasion
Size: 3.75H x 5.75W Style: Home Décor
Case Count: 6 items per case Shape: Round
Ship Method: Standard Shipping Size: Small

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